Tuesday Vacancy Update

2:00 PM

It’s a spectacular day out at Sugar Lake today with a gentle breeze blowing and plenty of sunshine for outdoor activities! As expected, we are starting to fill up for the weekend already and there are only 7 sites available at 2Mile as of 2:00 pm. Approximately 8 sites are set to vacate tomorrow with very limited spaces opening up on Thursday and Friday.

Sugar Point and Sugar Creek have sites available as of now but will also most likely fill up before Thursday at noon.

With the long weekend approaching all sites on Sugar Lake are going to be in high demand, and with the late summer that we have had we are expecting to fill up at 2Mile and Sugar Creek by Wednesday night next week, or at the very latest by Thursday at noon so please plan your long weekend camping trip accordingly. We have very limited overflow camping spots and fires are not permitted in the overflow area.

**** “Trailer drops”, “Tent drops”, and or “Site saving” are not permitted in BC Rec Sites so please do not drive out with the intention of dropping off your trailer and or setting up tents in adjoining sites regardless of whether or not you intend on paying for them. All sites are on a first come first serve basis. ****

Happy Camping!