On behalf of the new Operators here at 2Mile, Darren, Charlotte, and Lorne, we would like to send out a massive THANK YOU to all of the campers who have spent time with us since we started on as the new hosts in mid July! The amount of compliments and respect that we have been given has been overwhelming and heartwarming! If we are granted the bid next season as site Operators we promise to continue along our path towards as to what many of you have commented on,,,”this is what Sugar Lake used to be”!,,,, “This is how I remember it years ago!”

For those who have relied on personal e-mail communication,,, we have been at 90% capacity daily since July long weekend, and the blog will be able to tell you the EXACT information we would tell you if replying to your e-mails (from out here where there is no power and no cell service!!). Going forward we will not be replying to any e-mails unless they are regarding the Group Site which will be available for bookings starting January 1 2020.

THANK YOU again to ALL of the Happy Campers who have been out to Sugar Lake this season! We hope to see you again next year!

***NOTE*** The Lumby Legion is holding their Annual Fishing Derby next weekend, and the campground fills up very quickly in the week so please take this into consideration before planning a trip out on Thursday or Friday because we WILL be FULL by then!

Happy Camping!

Friday August 30th

9:30 AM

It’s another wonderful day out at Sugar Lake to start off the final long weekend of the summer! There are very few sites available on Sugar Lake as of 9:30 am this morning:

2Mile will have 5 sites available today.

Sugar Point is FULL ALL WEEKEND.

Sugar Creek has 2 sites open, with a couple more sites vacating Saturday.

Happy Long Weekend!!

Friday Night Update

7:30 PM

The rain has made an appearance once again at Sugar Lake but it hasn’t stopped the loyal campers from making the trek out!!

2Mile has 1 site available for trailers for the weekend.

Sugar Creek has 2 sites open for small units or tents.

Sugar Point has 1 site available.

If you plan on coming out for the long weekend we suggest that you arrive no later than Wednesday afternoon. All the lakeside sites at 2Mile will most likely be occupied by this Sunday evening or Monday afternoon at the latest so PLEASE do not plan on showing up Wednesday or Thursday expecting a prime site (if any site).

**** REMEMBER … NO “trailer drops”, “tent drops”, or “Site saving”. All sites are first come first serve.

Wednesday 6:00 PM Update

6:00 PM

The sound of the campground at 2Mile is bliss!! We have 5 sites available as of 6:00 PM Wednesday evening with only 6 set to vacate on Thursday. (Check out time is NOON) There are ZERO lakeside sites opening up for the weekend at 2Mile.

Sugar Creek has 5 sites open as of now with a few of them being able to accommodate trailers (please drive slowly on the way out to Sugar Creek,, and enjoy your stay! It is well worth the drive if you are looking for peace and serenity!!!).

Sugar Point has 2 sites available (the fishing is GREAT out that end of the lake!)

**** Please be mindful of your campfires! There is currently no fire ban but the brush and leaves are tinder dry in the mid day heat. ****

Happy Camping!

Tuesday Vacancy Update

2:00 PM

It’s a spectacular day out at Sugar Lake today with a gentle breeze blowing and plenty of sunshine for outdoor activities! As expected, we are starting to fill up for the weekend already and there are only 7 sites available at 2Mile as of 2:00 pm. Approximately 8 sites are set to vacate tomorrow with very limited spaces opening up on Thursday and Friday.

Sugar Point and Sugar Creek have sites available as of now but will also most likely fill up before Thursday at noon.

With the long weekend approaching all sites on Sugar Lake are going to be in high demand, and with the late summer that we have had we are expecting to fill up at 2Mile and Sugar Creek by Wednesday night next week, or at the very latest by Thursday at noon so please plan your long weekend camping trip accordingly. We have very limited overflow camping spots and fires are not permitted in the overflow area.

**** “Trailer drops”, “Tent drops”, and or “Site saving” are not permitted in BC Rec Sites so please do not drive out with the intention of dropping off your trailer and or setting up tents in adjoining sites regardless of whether or not you intend on paying for them. All sites are on a first come first serve basis. ****

Happy Camping!