Wednesday 6:00 PM Update

6:00 PM

The sound of the campground at 2Mile is bliss!! We have 5 sites available as of 6:00 PM Wednesday evening with only 6 set to vacate on Thursday. (Check out time is NOON) There are ZERO lakeside sites opening up for the weekend at 2Mile.

Sugar Creek has 5 sites open as of now with a few of them being able to accommodate trailers (please drive slowly on the way out to Sugar Creek,, and enjoy your stay! It is well worth the drive if you are looking for peace and serenity!!!).

Sugar Point has 2 sites available (the fishing is GREAT out that end of the lake!)

**** Please be mindful of your campfires! There is currently no fire ban but the brush and leaves are tinder dry in the mid day heat. ****

Happy Camping!

Tuesday Vacancy Update

2:00 PM

It’s a spectacular day out at Sugar Lake today with a gentle breeze blowing and plenty of sunshine for outdoor activities! As expected, we are starting to fill up for the weekend already and there are only 7 sites available at 2Mile as of 2:00 pm. Approximately 8 sites are set to vacate tomorrow with very limited spaces opening up on Thursday and Friday.

Sugar Point and Sugar Creek have sites available as of now but will also most likely fill up before Thursday at noon.

With the long weekend approaching all sites on Sugar Lake are going to be in high demand, and with the late summer that we have had we are expecting to fill up at 2Mile and Sugar Creek by Wednesday night next week, or at the very latest by Thursday at noon so please plan your long weekend camping trip accordingly. We have very limited overflow camping spots and fires are not permitted in the overflow area.

**** “Trailer drops”, “Tent drops”, and or “Site saving” are not permitted in BC Rec Sites so please do not drive out with the intention of dropping off your trailer and or setting up tents in adjoining sites regardless of whether or not you intend on paying for them. All sites are on a first come first serve basis. ****

Happy Camping!

Friday August 16

9:00 AM

Good Morning from Sugar Lake!

It has been another steady week of camping and most of the sites will be occupied through till Sunday. We only have about 8 sites opening up today at 2Mile.

Sugar Point and Sugar Creek have a handful of sites open at each campground as of right now.

***PLEASE be careful with campfires! It doesn’t take long for the brush and leaves to dry out once the sun comes out so please extinguish your campfires before heading to bed for the night and also before you vacate your site. REMEMBER it is more than a $1000 fine for abandoned campfires.

Have Fun and Play Safe! Happy Camping!!

Wednesday Update

8:00 PM

As of 8:00 pm we have ZERO sites available for trailers and only 3 sites open for tents at 2Mile. There are 2 units in overflow awaiting sites on Thursday so PLEASE do not expect to show up on Thursday and get a lakeside site!! If you aren’t here by 2 pm you will most likely be camping in overflow for at least 1 night.

Sugar Point has 4 sites open.

Sugar Creek has a couple sites open to accommodate smaller trailers as well as a few sites open for tenting.

Happy Camping!!

**** Please be safe with your campfires regardless of where you are camping and make sure to put your fire out before heading to sleep. Safety First! ****

Wednesday August 14

9:00 AM

Technical difficulties with internet connection has kept us from updating the blog recently but it seems we have it sorted out now!

2Mile Campground has about 10 sites opening up today. We expect most, if not all of them, to fill up by this evening or by noon at the latest on Thursday.

Sugar Creek has room for trailers as well as tents.

Sugar Point also has availability for both trailers and tenters.

Happy Camping!

Thursday August 8

1:00 PM

Yet again another amazing sunshine filled day at Sugar Lake! Happy campers everywhere!
2 Mile has 1 tenting site left today with about 8-10 sites opening up on Friday.
Sugar Point has 1 site available
Sugar Creek has a handful of sites left but will surely fill up quickly!

We are expecting showers for the weekend so if you are planning on heading out this way please come prepared for the rain.

Happy Camping!!