7:00 pm

What an AMAZING day it has been out at Sugar Lake! We have had campers give up their PRIME sites over the past couple days in order to let other families enjoy the beauty of behind lakeside at Sugar Lake during the weekend. Does it really get any better than this!!?

Monday, as per usual with long weekends, will see about half the campground vacate (about 25 sites), and we are expecting an entire new crowd of happy campers to roll in and fill the campground by mid week, so if you do want to spend time at Sugar Lake this summer we suggest that you get on your horses and start packing and planning to be out here by no later than Wednesday evening / Thursday afternoon!

**** REMEMBER —–> Camping at Sugar Lake is on a first come first serve basis. NO reservations, NO site saving, NO exceptions ****

Saturday Update


A few campers have unexpectedly vacated their sites this morning which has left 3 sites available. 2 of which can accommodate larger units while the third is a bit smaller and is move suitable for a truck camper, camper van, or a tent trailer.

Happy Camping!

Friday August 2nd

A quick vacancy update:
—2Mile is FULL with 3 trailers in overflow in line for the 3 sites opening today. We may also have a couple tenting available this afternoon.

—Sugar Point is FULL until Sunday

—Sugar creek has 1 site open plus 2 overflow spots, with 4 sites opening on Saturday that can accommodate smaller trailers or of course tents.

Happy Camping! Play Safe!

August 1 – Update

4:30 pm

It’s a beautiful evening at Sugar Lake! There are currently 3 units in overflow in line for the 3 sites that are opening up on Friday. There might be 1 or 2 tenting sites opening up on Friday as well.

1 site has opened up at Sugar Creek.
Sugar Point is FULL until Sunday.


8:30 am
It’s a beautiful morning here at 2Mile with the sun shining brightly and the birds chirping their morning songs! We have 3 vehicles in overflow at the moment with only 3 sites vacating to accommodate them. We have 1 tenting site left. PLEASE do not expect to get a lakefront site (or any site for that matter) until the long weekend is over and the mass evacuation occurs Monday afternoon.

Sugar Creek is FULL.
Sugar Point is FULL.

Happy Camping!


As of 3pm Aon Wednesday July 31 ALL campsites on Sugar Lake are FULL including 2Mile, Sugar Creek, and Sugar Point. VERY FEW campers are set to vacate before the weekend is over so if you are planning on heading out to Sugar Lake for the weekend then PLEASE be prepared to spend the weekend in overflow or to be turned around at the gate.

Enjoy the Long Weekend!!

The Mid-Week Rush Is On!

The campers have started rolling to Sugar Lake to set up for the Long Weekend! There are only a handful of sites remaining at 2Mile as of 12:45 pm on Tuesday. We expect to be into overflow by this evening or by Wednesday around noon. Many of the sites are occupied for long term stays so chances of getting a lakefront site at 2Mile is very slim. Sugar Creek has a few sites open that can accommodate smaller units, and Sugar Point has a few sites remaining at the moment as well. All 3 campgrounds are expected to be in overflow by Wednesday night so please plan your camping destination accordingly!
Stay tuned for more updates as the weekend gets closer.

Happy Camping!!

Sun – Rain – Sun – Rain

The on and off rain showers have driven off a few campers who had planned on staying today, so we now have a handful of sites available as of 1:45pm on Saturday. Approximately 30 sites are set to vacate Sunday at 2Mile with openings at Sugar Point and Sugar Creek on Sunday as well.


The bridge crossing sugar lake to 2Mile and Sugar Point will be CLOSED MONDAY from 8am-noon with 10-20 minute delays occurring through till Thursday afternoon. Please plan accordingly.

Thank You to Frank’s!!!

As the operators of 2mile Campground we send out a HUGE THANK YOU to Lisa and Wyatt from Frank’s for offering to put up a notice with the daily vacancies out at 2Mile Campground as well as Sugar Point and Sugar Creek!! PLEASE stop in at Frank’s to see how many (if any) sites are available before making the journey out. Daily updates will be done by 10am.

Enjoy the sunshine!