Courtesy Update

As of 9PM Thursday we have 4 units in overflow and only 5 sites opening up on Friday at 2Mile. There are very few sites set to vacate on Saturday that can accommodate trailers although we have approximately 15 sites set to vacate on Sunday.
Please plan accordingly.

Sunny Sugar Lake!! – 6:00PM Thursday

The sunshine we have all been patiently waiting for has finally arrived at Sugar Lake!! 2Mile Campground, Sugar Point, and Sugar Creek are ALL FULL!! There are only 6 sites vacating on Friday at 2Mile, none of these sites are lakefront. There are very limited sites opening up at Sugar Creek tomorrow (depending on if the current campers want to extend their stay), and only 1 possible opening at Sugar Point.

Happy Camping!

Late Night Update:

As of 9:30 pm on Wednesday we have 4 units waiting in overflow and only 4 sites opening up on Thursday at 2Mile. So if you aren’t joining friends you WILL be parked in overflow on Thursday night. There are very few sites opening on Friday at 2Mile (so you might be in overflow until Saturday or Sunday). Sugar Point is FULL and Sugar Creek has only a couple sites available on Thursday.

The word is out,,, Life Is Great At Sugar Lake!!

Happy Camping!!!

It has been a busy week at 2Mile Campground as we have been FULL since last Thursday and only have 1 site available tonight before we close the gates. There are about 5 sites vacating Wednesday at 2Mile. If you see the FULL signs up and you are looking for your own site please be prepared to spend a night or two in Overflow camping (which is very limited) or reconsider your camping destination.

***Remember,, 2 Mile Campground as well as Sugar Point and Sugar Creek Campgrounds are on a first come first serve basis. No reservations, no site saving, no exceptions.



The bridge crossing Sugar Lake to 2Mile Campground (and anywhere up the west side of the lake) will be CLOSED from 8am until noon on TUESDAY, with 15-30 minutes delays for the rest of the day as well as Wednesday and Thursday. The bridge wil also be closed next Monday from 8am until noon.
Happy Camping!!!


The sunshine has brought the happy campers out of their nests.. we had 22 sites vacating on Sunday and have had more than 25 units pull in within hours!! There are only 4 sites vacating on Monday. ****PLEASE NOTE that there will be ongoing repairs to the bridge crossing the lake starting Monday until Thursday. Expect delays from anywhere between 20 minutes – 2 hours.
Happy Camping!!

July 21

As the new site operators we (Darren, Charlotte, and Lorne) welcome all to come out and enjoy the beauty of Sugar Lake! The weather has been on and off over the past week but the clouds have recently broke and the stars are shining clear in the night sky tonight and we are looking forward to a sunshine filled week of fun in the sun with a good group of happy campers! Approximately 25 sites are set to vacate SUNDAY the 21st of July (weather permitting,, some might decide to stay longer!!)

Happy Camping!!

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Jules and Elaine have retired as Site Operators at Sugar Lake, as of July 16, 2019. Please welcome the new Site Operator Team – Darren, Charlotte and Lorne – who look forward to meeting you during the rest of the season and who also share a sense of stewardship in this incredibly beautiful place called Sugar Lake Recreation Sites! Jim and Louise will be completing the season on the east side at Sugar Creek for smaller units and tenting, and Dave & Mary assist at the north end on Sugar Point at Mile-9. Meanwhile, for Jules & Elaine, the future looks so bright we’ve gotta wear shades! We plan to remain in the area for most of the summer, so we may cross paths on the lake with some of you this season in a much more leisurely way. We are very grateful for the support and commadarie of the Sugar Lake camping community over our past 12 seasons … wow! Happy camping, everyone! LIFE IS GREAT AT SUGAR LAKE … where time stands still and beauty overwhelms!