Recreation Sites at Sugar Creek

General Information

The sites on the east side of the lake at Sugar Creek are accessed from Kate Creek Forest Service Road and not suitable for large RVs because of the 17-km drive in on a narrow logging road and also because there are only 10 sites that will accommodate larger RVs, but it is beautiful for tenters and/or smaller RV units.


Directions to Sugar Creek Recreation Sites (east side of the lake for smaller units and tenting)

  • Coming up Sugar Lake Road, turn right onto Kate Creek Forest Service Road before you cross the one-lane bridge at Sugar Lake.   Set your odometer to zero at this junction.
  • At Km-2, you will cross the Outlet Creek Bridge.
  • At Km-2.6, stay left (cattle guard at Outlet Creek Road on the right)
  • At Km-3.6, stay left at Vidler Road Junction
  • At Km-11.4, you will pass the bridge over the Sitcom River
  • At Km.13, you head up the very steep Sitcom Inlet Climb.  This is a one-lane narrow roadway.  Go slowly!
  • At Km-14.4, stay right (The left fork goes to the Hot Rocks site and is very steep and narrow and bumpy; there is a better access to Hot Rocks)
  • At Km-14.7 take the lower left fork into the Recreation Site at the Sugar Creek signage.
  • At Km-16 and 16.5, there is a recent cut block on the right side
  • At Km-16.7, turn left at the signage “Sugar Creek Recreation Site” before crossing a bridge.
  • At Km-17.3, you will find the Host Site with helpful information

Download a printable version of the site map